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If you could experience more robust energy and vibrant health, would you be open to explore the possibilities?

In today's world, our bodies are exposed to toxins and pollutants on a daily basis.  It's time to shift our perspective on wellness to a proactive approach that goes beyond the typical "wait until you're sick” attitude.  

Prevention is  a way of life that embraces healthy lifestyle skills, environmental technologies, and wellness products that promote the body's innate ability to fix and repair itself.

Check out The Wellness Shop, where I’m happy to offer you the most comprehensive wellness program I have encountered in my 40 years of being personally and professionally involved in holistic health and wellbeing.  

For a look at nature's inspirational beauty, enjoy browsing the Photography section.

The Wellness Shop

Learn about the importance of cellular detoxification, be introduced to environmental and lifestyle wellness products, discover the benefits of energy healing practices, and explore mindful-living skills.

Avini Cellular Detox

Nikken Wellness Home

Mindful Living Practices


My photographs are the awe-filled moments of magic and wonder that I experience in my gardens and surrounding landscape. Always a card sender, I began making my own to share the beauty of nature that is so inspiring to me.  Prints and stickers are also available.

Etsy Shop

Photo Art Gallery

Contact me for a free, no obligations conversation. I look forward to hearing what interests you.  If the Calendly times offered don't meet your needs, please message me from my Contact Page.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one."

John Lennon

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