Be Heathy by Choice, Not by Chance

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TUNE-IN-TUESDAY will feature short PPT's and videos on a variety of wellness topics including lifestyle and environmental challenges, prevention, self-care and natural solutions.  Tune in for some astonishing information and outstanding solutions.  There will be plenty of time for discussion and Q&A.

ZOOM is free, safe and easy to use from any cell phone, computer or iPad:

Be Prepared.  When you initially log on, you will be visible on-line. Once logged in you will be able to manage your video and microphone to be seen and heard, or not.

If you need to call in:  Dial:  1-415-762-9988Password: 8122975550# 

TNT Schedule of Topics:  

January 7 - Weight Matters;  January 14 - Water Matters; January 21 - Sleep Matters; January 28 - Get Grounded; February 4 - Bones & Joints; February 11 - Air Matters; February 18 - Power Up = Energy Matters; February 25th - The Scoop On Supplements




Grounding is considered to be, 'the most important health discovery ever.' So, if you want to be healthy, spend as much time as possible in nature getting grounded.  For the full benefit, it's necessary to have bare feet on the earth. For modern times, there's an indoor solution. Get grounded while you sit, read, relax, are on computer and even while you sleep.




HAPPY LEAP YEAR SPECIAL.  From now through February 29th, first time clients receive an hour Polarity / Reiki / Cranial-Sacral Session for $50.  When someone refers a new client, they also receive the same discount.  Multiple referrals, multiple discounts.  I look forward to sharing with you if you’ve never been.  And meeting your friends, family and colleagues.  Everyone always loves their table time!  And the beautiful environment outside and indoors. 





The First Saturday Of Every Month, 10-11:30am, Canaan, ME

February 1, March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6

Many of us have been raised with drugs and surgery as the usual course of treatment. What if the secret to rediscovering one's health was to be found in self-care, prevention and natural solutions?  

An informational and experiential introduction to natural solutions that enhance our vital needs for life.  If you like the idea of being healthy, fit and active now and into your future, join the conversation.  RSVP needed. 



REIKI I TRAINING.  If you’ve always wanted to yet never quite gotten around to it.  Or, if you’ve just heard of it.  I invite you to participate in a Reiki I Training on Saturday, February 8th from 9am-4pm, $135.  Come yourself or invite friends or family members to share the experience with you.  Here’s what well-known Reiki Practitioner, Teacher and Author, William Rand has said, 'In its long history of use, Reiki has aided in healing virtually every known illness and injury. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance and has many benefits for both client and practitioner.’  RSVP needed. 


New Clients Welcome: 



Interested in online services?  I look forward to hearing from you. 



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