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Nikken November 1st - 24th Specials


 What's the Kenko Touch?   A magnetic+ massage product that I wouldn’t want to be without.  I use it to relieve any discomforts, aches and soreness from all the activities I engage in, sometimes to just relax or to re-energize for the next series of activities.  It feels great and my body just hums with the natural energy that it’s soaking up.  You can treat yourself to a massage and if you can’t reach an area, possibly on your back, the Kenko Touch's Magnetic Pulse will go right through your body.  So, you can use it on the front where you can reach to help your back even if you can’t reach the specific spot.  Plus, it’s nice to share with friends, partners, children and pets.  Everyone loves how it feels and the benefits they experience.  Along with the pulse of earth's magnetic energy, the Kenko Touch also has technology that replicates the energy of the sun and the freshness of the air.



What’s Kenzen Ten 4?  An all natural energy beverage made with a proprietary blend of 100% organic matcha green tea and kiwi fruit.  It boosts metabolism, increases energy, reduces cravings, promotes mental clarity and energizes one’s physical and mental well-being.  There’s no buzz or jitters, just smooth ’n easy energy. Tastes a bit like a tropical iced tea.  I’ve found it to be incredible for keeping me alert when I drive, have a night time gig ushering at the Opera House or just to give me a lift during the day as I do yard work, computer entries, piano practice and the usual food, dishes, laundry.  Great to stock up for yourself and great to give as a holiday gift - either a box for someone or to gift single packets to a variety of folks. 


Health & Energy Gathering:  Saturday, December 7th


Come on by for some friendly conversation, information sharing and demonstrations that will relieve aches, soothe discomforts, increase flexibility, promote energy, improve balance, overall health and vitality.  Enjoy support and comfort as you sit on a Kenko Seat, relief from achy muscles with the Kenko Touch magnetic massager, try the Mag Duo for increased flexibility, the mStrides for improved balance, the Mag Flex for lower back ease, the power band for strength and Pi Mag Water for the best in hydration.  If you’ve had concerns about colds, the flu, bone density, blood pressure, cholesterol or inflammation this is a great place to be.  Ask your questions and get them answered.

Discover natural ways to have more energy and be healthy with prevention and self-care.  Meet folks who are part of a global wellness community focused on the well-being of humankind and nature.  People who are changing their own lives, enriching the lives of others and making a difference in the world.

Feel free to invite family members and friends to join you - there are great benefits and it’s fun to share good news.  Not from Maine yet have family and friends in the area?  We will be happy to host them for you.  Interested yet can’t make it?  Email and we'll set something up.


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Interested in online services?  I look forward to hearing from you. 



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