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It’s World Water Month and from March 2nd-31st Nikken is offering a $50 discount on the already 10% discounted Water Pack.  The pack includes the counter-top Pi Mag Waterfall, on-the-go Pi Mag Sport Bottle and Micro-Jet Shower Filter along with replacement filters for all.  All three products take tap water and transform it into finely filtered, re-mineralized, pH alkaline, re-structured, pure, energized, living water.  Along with getting the best drinking water on the planet from your tap water, you get to bypass purchasing bottled water and help save the planet from the water bottle plastic pollution crisis that is destroying our environment.  And, you get to keep more money in your pocket as you lower your expenses by not purchasing bottled water.  If someone you know has a Britta or other water filtration system, I’d be happy to share why Pi Mag Water would be much a healthier solution.  This is another call-in order.


The world is grappling with an event of unprecedented scale and human impact.  To uphold due diligence and ensure personal and community safety, upcoming Community Wellness Gatherings, Polarity and Reiki Sessions and Trainings are 'on-hold.'  I encourage you to join the online event, Tune-In-Tuesday, 7:30 pm ET.  March 17th will feature Boosting Your Immune System.  




Features short PPT's and videos on a variety of wellness topics including lifestyle and environmental challenges, prevention, self-care and natural solutions.  Tune in for some astonishing information and outstanding solutions.  There will be plenty of time for discussion and Q&A.

ZOOM is free, safe and easy to use from any cell phone, computer or iPad:

Be Prepared.  When you initially log on, you will be visible on-line. Once logged in you will be able to manage your video and microphone to be seen and heard, or not.

If you need to call in:  Dial:  1-415-762-9988Password: 8122975550# 

 TNT Schedule of Topics:  

March 3 - Be Beautiful Naturally & Safely;  March 10 - Creating A Wellness Home;  March 17 - Boosting Your Immune System; March 24 - TBA;  March 31 - TBA. 



Community Wellness Gathering

Due to the Corona Virus, the April 4th event will be cancelled.  Check back later for updates.

The First Saturday Of Every Month, 10-11:30am, Canaan, ME

March 7, April 4, May 2, June 6

Many of us have been raised with drugs and surgery as the usual course of treatment. What if the secret to rediscovering one's health was to be found in self-care, prevention and natural solutions?  

An informational and experiential introduction to natural solutions that enhance our vital needs for life.  If you like the idea of being healthy, fit and active now and into your future, join the conversation.  RSVP needed. 


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