Be Heathy by Choice, Not by Chance

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I made a 'corporate decision' to have this page double as a SPECIALS page rather than create another page for you to view.  I think it's a good idea.

July is Customer Appreciation Month with a 20% Cash Credit.  Contact me FMI.  It's a great opportunity to get what you want and then get some more, for free!




The True Elements Skin Care new formulation is exceptional.  This is only a partial representation of the full line.  It's available with a 10% discount by setting up a Wellness Subscription, also referred to as an Autoship.  Contact me FMI.




The Kenko Seat has been re-designed with wonderful technologies, a plethora of features and benefits.  



And the newly designed Kenko Fit, is heavenly.




Given our current challenge with COVID-19 I am not scheduling live events.  I have been meeting up wtih people either online, on the phone, or if local, personally.  I also have access to a variety of Wellness Seminars hosted online by my Nikken colleagues that I will share as you are interested.    

For More Information Regarding Healing-On-The-Hill & Natural Solutions For Healthy Living Services, Contact Me.





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