Be Heathy by Choice, Not by Chance


"Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly have the courage to follow your heart."

Steve Jobs

Zig Ziglar sure ’nailed it':  "Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale."

Gone are the days of going to school to get a degree and a job in your field, with one career and one job for life, then retiring with a good pension to enjoy your time freedom.  

Most people have been upsized, downsized and capsized, with up to 7+ career changes while working in multiple fields.  Making ends meet is practically impossible and multiple jobs are the norm for single people, young families and seniors, who often can't afford to retire.  A majority of people are in life-time debt due to college loans, mortgages and medical bills.  Most people agree that health and finances are their major concerns and that the old model of working harder and longer just doesn't seem to make a difference.  No one seems to be able to 'get ahead.'

No need to panic!  There is a solution.  

Have you heard of the Gig Economy?  Though it's tagged as an 'emerging trend,' it's been around for awhile.  Its reference is to musicians playing gigs. Something they love to do, that they can do 'on-the-side,' have fun and earn extra money. The more gigs played, the more money earned.

The New Gig Economy features the booming success of companies you may be familiar with:  Etsy, Airbnb and Uber.  

Etsy connects individuals who have something to sell with customers who are interested to buy via the Internet.  Individuals don't need to rent storefronts, they pay a commission to have access to an online global marketplace.  

Airbnb is an online hospitality service enabling people to lease or rent short-term lodging.  The company is merely a broker and receives a percentage of service fees (commissions).  The company doesn't need to own lodging (hotels) or hire a staff to generate income.    

Uber is a technology company that markets and operates car transportation.  Uber drivers primarily use their own cars.  The company doesn't need to invest in a fleet of cars (taxis) or hire staff to generate an income in the ever-expanidng global marketplace.

Nikken is a pioneer in the health and wellness industry.  They have a holistic approach in their reseach and development of environmental technologies, lifestyle solutions, organic-based nutritional products and complete line of eco-certified skincare and unique hair products.  

The company partners with individuals who love the 'gig' of being healthy themselves and making a difference in the lives of others.

Individuals have a variety of reach-out methods to share the good news: word-of-mouth, relationship marketing, social media, on-line networking, and an e-commerce presence with global markets.   

Nikken provides free mentoring, leadership training and personal enrichment development.  

People can earn extra income through direct customer sales and online e-commerce retailing.  

Another appealing aspect is their ability to also generate multiple streams of income when interested individuals choose to partner with them as Independent Consultants. The compounding effect of networking and collaborating develops a reproductive residual income.

Leveraging a community of passion-inspired, mission-oriented individuals gives many more people the ability to live the healthy, balanced and rewarding lifestyle that they desire and deserve.  

This gig has multiple benefits and no limits.  

I am interested to meet and collaborate with heartfelt people of vision, integrity, passion and purpose.  

As Margaret Mead said, 'Never doubt that a small band of committed individuals can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.'

Click on the link to view Richard Branson sharing his top 5 tips for being an Entrepreneur.  Nikken's got them covered!  

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"This is a great gig! It easily fits around my family life and can be done while I am active with other obligations and activities."

"I feel like people are better off for having met me and for having heard about what Nikken has to offer."

"This is a community of people helping others. It's about connecting with people to find solutions that work best for them."

"This is such an enjoyable way to earn extra income."

"The ability to have an income that I wasn't expecting in my retirement is just wonderful."


"You are meant to have an amazing life.  You are far more magnificent than you realize.  Now let the magic of your life begin." 


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