Be Heathy by Choice, Not by Chance


"The life of your dreams, everything you would love to be, do, or have has always been closer to you than you knew, because the power to everything you want is inside you!"

Rhonda Byrne

Our attitudes and beliefs are central to our health. Research has shown that positive and negative emotions create entirely different responses in the chemical activity and energy flow of the body. We actually create our circumstances by our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Negative attitudes and stress contribute to the development of an acidic condition in the body. Energy is diminished, overall depletion occurs and an environment for disease to thrive in is created. A positive mental attitude, reflected in the ways we think and act, is essential to a complete program for whole health. It has been found to boost the immune system to enable us to fight off infection.

"One way to create more happiness in your life is to focus on all the things in your life you are grateful for. Take time to appreciate a small moment, personal relationships and other blessings in your life that bring you joy."

During infancy and childhood we are an "open book". Our thoughts, emotions and attitudes are influenced by parents, teachers and society. As adults, we have the opportunity to reassess our initial upbringing and internalized beliefs to make choices that support healthy attitudes and promote balanced vital living. Just as healing in the physical body is a process that takes place in stages and over time so is healing of emotions and the ability to create new beliefs.


Nikken is a total wellness company with a philosophy of empowering people to discover, live and share a life of health and balance in mind, body, family, society and finances.  

 "We believe in the right of each and every individual to pursue their dreams and fulfill their life potential. We believe you have unlimited possibilities. Through our Humans Being More philosophy, we seek to unleash those possibilities."

On-line training, mentoring programs and live workshops are available for personal growth and development with an action plan to turn dreams into reality.  This is a fantastic self-discovery process for men, women and youth who want to know who they are, what they truly want in life and how they can achieve it.

The Toshizo Watanabe Fund brings peace of mind to family's by providing full scholarships to children of Nikken Independent Consultants.  Imagine being able to have your children pursue their educational dreams at the college, graduate school or medical school of their choice, without incurring student loan debt or putting the family finances at risk.  This is another shining example of Nikken demonstrating the integrity of their company, intent on promoting and living the concept of 'Humans Being More.'  



"Humans Being More has made me believe in myself and feel that I can do anything I set my mind to.

"I appreciated the spirit of open-minded acceptance and communication encouraged at Humans Being More."

"Every segment of the training taught me something new and exciting and I now apply these lessons in my daily experiences and relationships.  This is the best seminar I have ever attended."

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."

William James

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