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Beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty is a result of one's thoughts and attitude, quality of nutrition, hydration and sleep. Most of us want to keep our skin healthy and beautiful, we care about how we look. Wind and weather, airborne pollutants, free radicals, stress, unhealthy lifestyle choices and advancing years all can accelerate a prematurely aged look.

Free radicals damage the outer layer of skin and a lack of moisture, coupled with an age-related loss of collagen, leads to wrinkles. When the skin is overwhelmed with toxins or deficient in nutrients it reacts with symptoms such as acne, rashes, bumps, redness, dryness or irritation.

Though the surface of the skin is meant to be slightly acidic to reduce vulnerability to skin infections, most common skin cleansers and soaps leave skin pH as high as 11.0 which is extremely alkaline, the opposite of the skin's natural acidic condition.

Attention to our skin and our hair is as important as the care the rest of our body deserves. As you will soon discover, most personal care products contain a host of toxic chemicals that are linked to contributing to a variety of serious health challenges.


True Elements Marine Organic Skincare is designed to work with your pH balance.  It promotes a youthful, supple appearance that enhances the skin's natural beauty. 

Sustainable harvesting methods are used to gently craft a skincare preparation using a variety of seaweeds that are abundant in natural minerals and well absorbed by the skin. All ingredients are natural, organic, and free of parabens, GMO's, mineral oils, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, PEG, EDTA, synthetic coloring and fragrances. 

The premium ingredients in True Elements Skincare products are qualified as organic by Ecocert, an international control and certification organization. In certified organic cosmetics at least 95% of the ingredients are natural or of natural origin.

True Elements Shampoo and Conditioner give a refreshing and long lasting clean due to the unique use of magnetic particles.  Designed to work with your pH balance, these hair care products help promote a healthy, youthful appearance. By combining natural ingredients and consciously omitting potentially harmful chemicals that are commonly found in commercial brands, the feedback is 'My hair is soft, full and luxurious.  I love it!'


"I can really see the difference in my skin tone with True Elements.  My skin is smooth and hydrated rather than dry and aging."

"Having had skin problems my entire life, I have tried just about everything. Using True Elements my adult acne disappeared."

"A great line of skincare. It is light, it absorbs beautifully and just a little bit goes a long way."

Excellent for men, women and children.  These unique formulations form a complete skincare line that cleanses, tones and moisturizes by enhancing, protecting and caring for your skin using natures own miracles.  Enjoy the results with a more youthful, radiant looking complexion.

  • Radiance Scrub
  • Nourishing Face Cream
  • Refreshing Tonic Lotion
  • Stimulating Shower Gel
  • Velvet Cleansing Milk
  • Youth Activ Eye Serum
  • Youth Activ Serum
  • Youthful Face Cream

The Toxic Twelve List

The following are the "worst of the worst," toxic, carcinogenic (cancer causing) list commonly found in most skin and personal care products. Each is directly linked to contributing to breast cancer, heart disease, depression, hormone disruption, obesity, memory loss, birth defects, ADD / ADHD.


Personal Care Product Inventory

Would you like to start thinking about how many products and chemical ingredients you use on a daily or weekly basis? People are often surprised by how many they use. How many personal care products do you use daily? Jot down your first guess, right off the top of your head...

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