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Health Is All About ENERGY.

The human body runs on electrical energy and depends on having an adequate supply to re-charge and re-energize cells, the basic unit of life.





 Magnetic Energy is a fundamental part of the universe and is essential for healthy growth and the production of all living things.  Earth itself is a giant magnet yet the earth's magnetic field has weakened. 

Over the past few centuries, our civilization has developed structures and machines that have disrupted the flow of this energy, causing a reduction in its strength.  Dr. Kyoichi Nagawa, a leading scientist in the field of biomagnetics, concluded that this weaker magnetic field has caused Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome.

Symptoms of MDS include stiffness in the shoulders, back and neck, insomnia, chest pains, headaches and dizziness. MDS can also lead to chronic and degenerative disease, the loss of normal healing ability and increased susceptibility to infections and the effects of environmental toxins.

If you can take a moment to read and absorp the 'Effects Of A Diminished Magnetic Field,' it's really quite profound.




Magnetic technologies will provide the support, balance, recovery, resources and energy to navigate the day.  Nikken's been at the forefront of magnetic technology research and development since it's inception in 1975. Its first and only product were a pair of Magnetic Insoles.



Know anyone who works retail, in hospitals, car dealerships or the educational system?  How about loggers, joggers, yoga followers, teachers, doctors, plumbers and contractors?  Chances are their feet hurt.  They probably complain of sore knees and achy backs, too.  A safe, simple, brilliant solution:  Kenko Insoles  Kenko MagFlex




Dr. Michael Weinbraub conducted a scientific study demonstrating that Nikken's Magnetic Insoles were effective in relieving the discomforts of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy.  The good news is that you don't need to suffer from these conditions to enjoy the benefits.  Slip them into your shoes to enjoy extra energy, improved balance, and enhanced performance.  



Computers, technology, and travel are a big part of modern living.  The Kenko Seat is great for home, office, and car.  I use it while on computer, sitting on the couch or in my rocking chair.  Yes, it’s great on recliners, too.  It’s comfortable in the car for short trips, and especially helpful for long hauls. I enjoy not being bent over and stiff after a 5+hour drive to visit my son.  

It’s design promotes correct posture.  The Rubberthane material gives a relaxing massage and facilitates circulation while sitting.  That’s great!  A combination of NIKKEN® technologies and Tourmaline help to duplicate the natural effects of nature.  Meaning, just by sitting, you get to experience a heightened feeling of wellbeing.  How simple is that for a wellness plan.

And, there’s more:  The exterior is covered by spacer fabric, which is a three-dimensional fabric formed by two joined fabrics that are separated by a spacer component.  This creates a microclimate with a ventilated layer of air, which allows the release of humidity.  Temperature control at it’s finest.  All this let’s you enjoy wellbeing wherever you are.




Sore muscles?  Achy joints?  Low energy?  The Kenko Touch will change all that.  




Check out the fashonable and sporty Wellness Jewelry.  Like all the rest of these products - simply wear and reap the benefits.  

Nikken's Magnetic Solutions will be your friends for life. They make a huge difference.  I can't imagine living without them.  




 Get started with any one product.  Or, invest in the Energy Pack for a 10% discount.




Have you ever heard of grounding for health?  It's considered to be, 'the most important health discovery ever.'




Our ancestors spent the majority of their time outdoors in nature, yet our current lifestyles and surrounding environment have changed dramatically.  We spend more time indoors, surrounded by steel structures, pavement, wifi, technology and an overload of chemical toxins.  This leads to inflammation, the precursor to most, if not all disease. 

'The Earth’s electrons contain a natural, negative charge. Maintaining contact with the ground allows our bodies to naturally receive and become charged with these electrons. When we are grounded we absorb these beneficial electrons that reduce electrical imbalances in the body.'  






Want to be healthy?  Spend as much time as possible getting grounded in nature.  To get the full benefit, it's necessary to have bare feet on the ground.

For modern times, there's an indoor solution to help you balance your life and maintain your health, The Kenko Ground.  You can get grounded while you sit, read, relax, are on computer and even while you sleep.  That's just what I do!  Every organ and system in our body are impacted.  






Other essential energies necessary for life are the sun's warm, nourishing rays. And, the refreshing, renewing qualities of air.

Nikken creates technologies that replicate these natural energies by weaving bio-ceramic tiles, fibers and tourmaline into products that create an environment of comfort and support. 

Products absorb and reflect light and heat to provide a self-regulating optimum temperature and a natural healing environment. 

When given these Essential Energies, the body does what it's designed to do,'heal thy self.






No Harmful Side-Effects / Only Wonderful Side-Benefits 




"I was having issues with my rotator cuff that was causing a lot of agony. The use of Nikken's magnets gave me instant relief."

"My work requires me to be on my feet for a 12 hour shift on cement flooring. When I get home I can't wait to get my steel-toed boots off my tired feet. I consistently wear the Nikken insoles and my legs feel better, I don't seem to be as drained at the end of my shift and I don't feel as 'wiped out' when I get home."

"I sing noticeably better in choir when I wear my Nikken magnetic necklace. My voice is more confident and has better projection."

"I wear the kenkotherm knee and wrist wraps every night. I no longer wake up with discomfort in either my hand or knee. These products are wonderful."

"I have some serious back weakness and discomfort. I used the backflex and the kenkoseat on a three-hour car trip, which I had been dreading. To my surprise, I was able to exit the car on reaching our destination without experiencing the excruciating discomfort and stiffness I've come to expect! I've been using these products regularly with favorable results." 


Magnets in the News:
New Research Hints at a Scientific Breakthrough in Magnetic Therapy

"The medical and scientific communities are displaying a growing interest in the therapeutic possibilities of magnetic energy.

Indicated by an article appearing in ABC News online, the story says that consumers are now spending more than $5 billion a year on magnetic products that are promoted for health.

But the real news in the article is a much more exciting development.



"I believe there is a subtle magnetism in nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright."

Henry David Thoreau

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