Be Heathy by Choice, Not by Chance

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'Money isn't the most important thing in life, but it's reasonably close to oxygen on the 'gotta have it' scale.'  Zig Ziglar


When I chose to live a back-to-the-land lifestyle I exchanged basic comforts for another way of life.  Money wasn't high on my needs list.  I embraced learning new skills and am grateful for all that I learned.  




The next phase of my life was working multiple jobs and being self-employed in the Healing Arts.  I wisely invested in purchasing land and building my home-on-the-hill sanctuary. 




Have you ever had your life, 'turn on a dime?'  I have and I expect you have, too.

Diagnosed with a serious heart health challenge due to environmental toxins, I was unable to work or maintain my Healing Arts practice.  The relationship of health to finances became apparent pretty quickly.  When health is compromised, financial problems develop.  The bills keep coming.  How long does one's life savings last when there is no income earning capability?

Some years before this challenge, I had been looking for another source of income. I had become tired of commuting, paying rent and maintaining office space.  While assessing my financial future, I had that 'aha,' moment when I realized that I wasn't able to increase my income with my current career choice.  I only had so much time.  And, so much energy.  My income was limited.  As a maturing woman I was looking for more time, the aiblity to continue to add value to the world and an ongoing source of income.

Very importantly, that 'something' needed to be in alignment with my values; support my desire to do good in the world; be flexible; and offer mobility. 


Like Chris, I'm glad I discovered Nikken. 



We are living in unprecedented times.  COVD-19 has changed the fabric of our lives.  People's health and finances are at risk globally. I'm grateful that Nikken is fully operational and active as an essential business.  Combining solutions for health with natural wellness products and a financial plan for earning income while working from home.     




Alan Vickers, Former VP Nike Europe, President Nike France; Past President of Reebok, Europe, Africa and Middle East says:  "Many of you may have chosen Nike or Reebok as your brand of choice of footwear and sporting apparel.  Let me ask you this - who is your Brand when it comes to Wellness?  I believe, in the years to come, Nikken's name will represent excellence in Wellness similar to Nike and Reebok represent excellence in sports.” 




Having lived without enough money on various occasions, I've come to the conclusion that money is a really good thing.  It gives one flexibility and the opportunity to have more choices.  You can do good for yourself, do good to others and bring good to the world. 

Out to make a difference and help shape the world, I invite you to contact me, to share your story and how you'd like to shape your life and influence the world around you.  There are solutions.  Positive outcomes are possible that create balance in the 5 Pillars of Wellness:  Well-being in Mind, Body, Family, Community and Finances.

Gather infomation, get your questions answered, meet my community and determine if there is something that can be of value to you.  Or, to someone you know. 

If you want to enjoy enhanced well-being, help others and enrich lives, be part of a worthy cause and change the world, enjoy community, collaboration, a rewarding income and a fulfilling lifestyle, let’s talk.   




'The future depends on what you do today.'  Mahatma Ghandi







'Never doubt that a small band of committed individuals can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.'   Margaret Mead



"This is a great gig! It easily fits around my family life and can be done while I am active with other obligations and activities."

"I feel like people are better off for having met me and for having heard about what Nikken has to offer."

"This is a community of people helping others. It's about connecting with people to find solutions that work best for them."

"This is such an enjoyable way to earn extra income."

"The ability to have an income that I wasn't expecting in my retirement is just wonderful."


"You are meant to have an amazing life. You are far more magnificent than you realize.  Now let the magic of your life begin." 


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