Be Heathy by Choice, Not by Chance


Your pets are a part of your home and family. And physically, they are not all that different from you. Your cat or dog has skin and bones, muscle and organs that work the same way as yours.

This means that your pet has the same daily needs as any other member of your home:

  • Clean Air
  • Pure Water
  • Adequate Nutrition
  • Quality Sleep
  • Regular Exercise

Nikken Pet Care Products offer support for healthy muscles and joints, immune system and advanced sleep technology. They are targeted for the needs of cats and dogs as they provide a healthy environment to help pets live longer, happier lives

The Kenko PetPad is the ultimate in sleep and comfort technology for your pet. Far-infrared technology provides the breathable warmth of ceramic-reflective fibers. It is combined with advanced magnetic technology to create a soothing environment for your pet to relax and recover. The Kenko PetPad is machine washable.

Pet Joint Plus was specifically developed to support bone-joint health and immunity. It uses organically grown, laboratory refined strains of rare varieties of mushrooms not available in other mushroom products for immune system support and concentrated amounts of CM, cetyl myristoleate, to reduce inflammation and promote bone and joint health with collagen and tissue repair.

Your pet depends on health as much as you do.  Supplying your pets with pure water, clean air, joint and immune support and quality sleep for recovery will help your pet enjoy a long and healthy life.


"My cat had an upper respiratory challenge and a bad cough. I put a power band bracelet on her, gave her pimag water and she rested on the Kenko PetPad. Within one week she was over her sickness."

"Our dog had a fatty tumor on his elbow and limped. We used a FIR wrap and a magnet at night while he slept on his Kenko PetPad. The swelling diminished and Zach was able to walk comfortably without limping."

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."

Martin Buber

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