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'As a global community we are innovating the perception of wellness in the world.'

I'd like to introduce you to a pioneering wellness commmunity that has changed my life…for the better.  

Given health challenges from environmental toxins that I was not expected to recover from, I'm really happy to be energized and on-the-go with a passion for life.  



Utilizing prevention rather than intervention works for me. Instead of going to the ‘medicine cabinet’ I have a plethora of natural solutions in my 'toolbox' that support and enhance my energy and wellbeing.

Nikken products are inspired by nature, and designed to cocoon us in nature's energy.  It's a total wellness program that provides solutions for each area of what is vital to well-being:  air, water, food, sunlight, grounding, and sleep.  

How?  By combining advanced technologies that replicate the natural forces that exist in the universe into natural wellness products. 

Simply incorporating them into our daily and nightly routine, they help combat the effects of the everyday challenges faced through discomfort, fatigue and stress.  It's a comprehensive approach that lets you and your family experience and enjoy the benefits, which are plentiful and meaningful. 

For me, the ability to help my family and friends sleep well, feel better and have more energy is a gift worth sharing.  




Nikken was  founded on the importance of achieving balance and enhanced well-being in body, mind, relationships, community and finances to produce a more rewarding and fulfilling life.  As a global wellness community, we are interested in the wellbeing of people, nature, the planet and the economy.  For a streamlined and concise overview, check out A Better Way landing page with short to longer videos on a variety of topics.  I recommend starting with the first few listed.  Enjoy browsing.



Isamu Masuda had a vision for world peace that was based on creating global wellness through friendships and partnerships. 

He founded Nikken in 1975 with one product, a pair of magnetic insoles.  This launched the company to be the fastest growing company in the history of Japan. A status they still hold today, 46 years later.  It sparked the evolution of a global community of like-minded yet diverse people to share the philosophy and mission, to add quality and balance to the lives of people around the world.

Today, the Nikken Global Wellness Community continues to be passionate about making a difference.  We are committed to the welfare of society, living in harmony with nature, providing wellness, lifestyle, environmental solutions, and economic viability for people and the the world.  Supporting personal enrichment, human potential, conversation and communication within a diverse and inclusive culture.

The Five Pillars of Wellness:

  • Mind: Discover the unlimited possibilities of the human spirit.
  • Body: Explore Nature's miraculous solutions for optimum well-being.
  • Family: Create a healthy, happy and safe home environment for your loved ones to thrive. 
  • Society: Make a positive difference in the world by helping others create well-being and abundance in their lives. 
  • Finances: Empowering others to fulfill their dreams and transform their lives, transforms your life, and rewards you with the ability to enjoy living your best life.





'Recognizing that long-term wellness depends on proper attention to the major aspects of living, Nikken provides innovative holistic solutions for sleep, rest and relaxation, environment, finances and lifestyle, nutrition, fitness and attitude. In combination, these form a Wellness Home Environment that supports enhanced well-being for the whole family.  The core philosophy is based on inviting people to live a life in balance as a Human Being More.'




Meet my friend and colleague, Brody and you will hear why I am privileged to be part of the Nikken Community, an international group of people living with passion and purpose.   



Philanthropy has always appealed to me.  I was happy when I discovered that Nikken had partnerships, non-paid for endorsements and affiliations with prestigious organizations and individuals, including Healthy Child / Healthy World, Autism Speaks, MRI Imaging Center of Irvine, California, Magnetic Research Development and numerous Athletes and Sports Teams.  That they contributed percentages of product sales to Hurricane Relief, Autism Speaks and Environmental Projects.  And, being environmentally conscious, I was pleased that they had won awards for their renewable and sustainable practices.




If You've Found Something That Interests You

Open your own Free Wellness Account with no obligations or commitments.  Have access to your own online site, browse information, order when and as you like or contact me with questions and for assistance.  You also receive a discount on all consumable products.  This is the 'Discover It' phase.

To get started, any one product is fabulous.  Or, you may choose a combination that appeals to you. This is the 'Live It' phase where you experience and enjoy the beneifts of optimal wellness.  

If you like Nikken’s Active Wellness Solutions and are interested in other discounts, specials, incentives and benefits, upgrade to Nikken Prime. If you are looking for a way to make a difference, be part of a community, or to grow personally and professionally, this is the 'Share Itphase.  By introducing family and friends to what you found helpful, you will be rewarded financially for contributing to the enhanced well-being of others and for making a difference in the world.  

I look forward to answering your questions and helping you get started as you are interested.




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"Make each day your masterpiece."

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