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Welcome to my world.  I am delighted to share the beauty that surrounds me and astounds me. 

Though I initially enjoyed making cards and calendars to promote and sell on my website, it got a bit challenging keeping track of inventory.  With so many images that please me, I had to 'go back to the marketing drawing board.'  As of now, this is a Gallery and no longer a Shopping Cart. 

If you see an image you would like to purchase, contact me to discuss various options.

If you are local to Central Maine, I have a small selection of notecards available at Riverside Market in Fairfield. 

I always enjoy scheduling a meet up with folks to browse my card-carry-case at a tea shop or to schedule a home showing of cards, prints, matted and framed pieces. 

**  From June 9th through August 10th I will be the exhibiting artist at The Last Unicorn Restaurant, 8 Silver Street, Waterville, ME.  This short clip features a variety of works that I was preparing.   

Check out Fine Art America where you can purchase a limited collection of my work as cards, prints, framed art, tote bags, shower curtains, beach towels, cell phone cases, and more.  See something you like in the Gallery?  I can upload it to Fine Art America.  I am also featured on iStock.

Thanks for your time and interest.  Have fun browsing.




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