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It's a garden gala on the hill where I live in the Maine woods. I settled here as a younger woman with no gardening skills - one garden became two, two became three, and more. This floral landscape provides the perfect palette for my self-developed photography.

Along with the gorgeous gardens that grace my home, I photograph the beauty of my surrounding landscape and nearby lake. Always a card sender, I began making cards to share the beauty of nature that is so inspiring to me.

During the pandemic when we were all experiencing overwhelming challenges, new fears, and exceptional stress, I began bringing cards with me when I went out to do errands. Wanting to uplift people's spirits, I'd invite shop owners, employees and customers - people I didn't know - to look at, choose, and take a card that appealed to them. People were surprised and moved - it meant a great deal to them, and to me.

As I explored creating an Etsy Shop, Kindness Cards, and Sharing Beauty Calendars, Prints and Stickers emerged as my brand.

People have described my work as "elegant," "so beautiful," "just gorgeous," "delicious," "stunning," "exquisite," "expressive," "expansive," and "inspiring." I hope you find it so.

Thanks for taking the time to browse, shop, spread kindness, share beauty, and make a difference!

* At this time my Etsy Shop has a limited amount of inventory.  Please contact me via the Contact Page of this website with your interest.  Thank You.

“It only takes one person to inspire a world of kindness.”

Fred Rogers