Be Heathy by Choice, Not by Chance

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Enjoy HAPPY FEET and MORE ENERGY with Nikken’s Magnetic Insoles in your shoes.  From now through August 16th, Registered Customer are able to purchase three pairs of Kenko mSteps or mStrides for the price of two! There is no limit on the number of insole packs you can purchase during the offer period.  Treat Yourself and Walk With Wellness.  Consider paying-it-forward with a purchase for the pleasure of Giving the Gift of Wellness. 


 The True Elements Skin Care new formulation is exceptional.  This is only a partial representation of the full line.  It's available with a 10% discount by setting up a Wellness Subscription, also referred to as an Autoship.  Contact me FMI.



The Kenko Seat has been re-designed with Magnets and Tourmaline, wonderful technologies, with a plethora of features and benefits. 




The newly designed Kenko Fit, a thin mattress topper with a variety wellness technologies is elegant, and heavenly.



Create a Wellness Subscription and receive a 10% discount on all whole-food, organic and organic-based nutritional supplements, eco-certified skin care, natural hair products and replacement filters for your Pi Mag Waterfall Filter and Kenko Air Purifier.  More info is available on the specific category pages.  PS:  This photo is not a full representation of the available products. 



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