Be Heathy by Choice, Not by Chance


"Barbara, you are fun to work with and a wonderful leader to boot! You provide great direction and guidance."

"You find the golden nuggets in people, one of your beautiful gifts. How fortunate for us all."

"Energy, lightness and fun-spiritedness are what Barbara brings to the table. Her ability to articulate is just inspirational. She holds such vision - she brings us all to a higher vibration and frequency."

"Barbara, you are a master presenter and you read people and situations particularly well. Our TEAM is becoming ‘more’ because of your leadership! Thank you so much for all you do and all you give!."

"Barbara is a tremendous mentor, friend and inspiration to me."

"Thank you for offering the gentle, professional presence that you do - you make everyone feel welcome."

"There is just something about you that is so special. I love working with you."

"Thanks so much for your leadership! Your positive energy is always a delight."

"I feel relieved having Nikken's air filtration system in my home. It immediately took care of the strong out-gassing odor of a new carpet. I am also amused and amazed when it senses and adjusts to compensate for changes in the air, like cooking odors, prior to my noticing. It makes me feel safe."

"I love the crispness of air in my home and the comfort of breathing that I experience. Nikken's air purification makes a big difference."

"The Kenko Light is great for reading and I sleep better since I've been using it."

"With the Kenko Light, I do not need my reading glasses, the material just seems to 'pop' off the page. I also have much less strain on my eyes while working on the computer."

"Pi mag water is the best water I ever drank."

"As a regular drinker of bottled water I used to spend over $40 a month. I was looking to have healthier water, reduce my monthly expenses and reduce the amount of plastic that winds up in landfills. The Nikken PiMag Sport bottle addresses all of those issues and I am so impressed with the quality of water produced."

"I have been working out with a fitness trainer and can be pretty sore that evening. After a nights sleep in my Nikken sleep system, when I get up in the morning, I have no discomfort at all!"

"I can't believe how much energy I have on so few hours of sleep!"

"I just got my Naturest sleep system. LOVE IT! I slept like a baby. I went right into a deep sleep when I lay down and did not feel stiff when I got up (From a woman living with MS)."

"This is a great business! It easily fits around my family life and can be done while I am active with other obligations and activities."

"I feel like people are better off for having met me and for having heard about what Nikken has to offer."

"This is a business of helping others. It's about connecting with people to find solutions that work best for them."

"This is such an enjoyable way to earn extra income."

"The ability to have an income that I wasn't expecting in my retirement is just wonderful."

"Humans Being More has made me believe in myself and feel that I can do anything I set my mind to."

"I appreciated the spirit of open-minded acceptance and communication encouraged at Humans Being More."

"Every segment of the training taught me something new and exciting and I now apply these lessons in my daily experiences and relationships. This is the best seminar I have ever attended."

"I can really see the difference in my skin tone with True Elements. My skin is smooth and hydrated rather than dry and aging."

"Having had skin problems my entire life, I have tried just about everything. Using True Elements my adult acne disappeared."

"A great line of skincare. It is light, it absorbs beautifully and just a little bit goes a long way."

"I received the bone health pack and love it. It's been just three days and already the throbbing in my knees has subsided. That 24/7 toothache has lessened, too. I am impressed!"

"I love using Nikken's natural alternative to the pharmaceutical companies prescription drugs for my bone and joint health."

"Using these products my bone density scores went from the Osteopinea range to normal. I am thrilled."

"I was having issues with my rotator cuff that was causing a lot of pain. The use of Nikken's magnets gave me instant relief."

"My work requires me to be on my feet for a 12 hour shift on cement flooring. When I get home I can't wait to get my steel-toed boots off my tired feet. I consistently wear the Nikken insoles and my legs feel better, I don't seem to be as drained at the end of my shift and I don't feel as 'wiped out' when I get home."

"I sing noticeably better in choir when I wear my Nikken magnetic necklace. My voice is more confident and has better projection."

"I have some serious back weakness and discomfort. I used the backflex and the kenkoseat on a three-hour car trip, which I had been dreading. To my surprise, I was able to exit the car on reaching our destination without experiencing the excruciating discomfort and stiffness I've come to expect! I've been using these products regularly with favorable results."

"I wear the kenkotherm knee and wrist wraps every night. I no longer wake up crying with pain in either my hand or knee. These products are wonderful."

"I have been using the vanilla healthy meal replacement once a day. I love the taste and I am WOW-ed that it keeps me feeling full for hours! As a business professional and a busy mom, I feel great knowing that Body Balance is natural. Now I can easily get the nutrition I need to keep me going."

"Balance is convenient, delicious and it 'holds me for a long time.' I don't feel hungry for several hours. I can take it everywhere and it is so full of healthy nutrition and wonderful ingredients, I always have good sustenance whether I am in a rush or looking to shed a few pounds."

"I had been feeling very listless. I started taking the Jade Greenzymes and almost immediately noticed more energy. I don't mean just a little either. The energy boost kind of surprised me. It has done more than I ever would have imagined."

"My physical therapist was impressed with my flexibility and ability to walk well just 4 days after knee surgery. I attribute it to the CM Crème, Joint Formula and OsteoDenx."

"The CIAGA and Jade Greenzymes are really working for me. I have much more energy and I feel stronger."

"The Women's Mega Daily 4 dramatically improved my hot flashes and helped manage the hormonal changes that I was experiencing."

"My cat had an upper respiratory challenge and a bad cough. I put a power band bracelet on her, gave her pimag water and she rested on the Kenko PetPad. Within one week she was over her sickness."

"Our dog had a fatty tumor on his elbow and limped. We used a FIR wrap and a magnet at night while he slept on his Kenko PetPad. The swelling diminished and Zach was able to walk comfortably without limping."

"The very first thing I noticed about living in a Wellness Home was a difference in how I felt in the morning. I have always been extremely groggy, no matter how many hours of sleep I got the night before. With my Wellness Home, I noticed a dramatic difference. I felt WIDE AWAKE!"

"I created a Wellness Home so I could optimize the environment I live in and make it the best possible place for my family. I love that I will never know what I am preventing in the future."

"The wellness home has not only turned my home into a sanctuary of health, it is also a fantastic showcase of my business."

"Your photographs are stunning!"

"Your images are beautiful."

"I finally got to sit back, relax and watch your beautiful photo presentation. Just so wonderful in every way - soothing to the eye and soul!"

"Barbara, your photos are simply lovely and I can see the joy and serenity in each image. Beautiful!"

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