Our bodies, like the Universe, run on electrical energy. They depend on having an adequate supply to re-charge and re-energize our cells. It seems like we never have enough, though - that we always want and need more.

Stress, poor sleep, lack of good nutrition, environmental toxins, technology, and the fast pace of modern living drain our energy and deplete our resources, making us more susceptible to discomfort and dis-ease.

Spending time in nature, we feel refreshed and uplifted! Yet, our contemporary lifestyle has increased indoor living, and for several decades, we have altered the Earth by removing forests and adding asphalt, Wi-Fi, and the Internet (electronic smog).

These changes have dramatically diminished the magnetic field of Earth. Since we are electrically charged beings living in a magnetic field, it means our energy level has felt the effects of this decrease.

Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa and other researchers believe that Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome (MDS), a condition linked to common ailments and increased susceptibility to environmental toxins, are due to this decrease in Earth's magnetic field.


All life is dependent on Earth’s magnetic field, the Sun’s far-infrared rays, and Air’s negative ions. Nikken Advanced Technologies are non-chemical, non-invasive wellness products that replicate these natural energies of the Universe.

Scientifically designed, they help restore the normal conditions that humans are meant to live in and thrive. They help relieve the stress and fatigue of everyday living, allowing our bodies to replenish comfortably and naturally.

They are simple to use, brilliantly designed, and feature innovations that set them apart from conventional products. Developed for repeated and frequent use, they are natural, life-enhancing, and relevant to modern living.


Magnetic Energy, a fundamental part of the Universe, is essential for healthy growth and the production of all living things. As far back as 2000 BC, Chinese healers believed that good health depended on the natural circulation of energies in the body and utilized magnets as a common practice.

Nikken Advanced Magnetic Technology with patented DynaFlux design acts as a field generator to replicate the Earth’s magnetic field. Incorporated into multiple products, it supplies natural energy for support, balance, renewal, and peak performance.


Far-Infrared Rays are naturally occurring in sunlight, emitted from some stones, or man-made in ceramics. They deliver heat, not light, that is directly absorbed into your body to warm and soothe you, without needing to heat the air around you. FIR is often referred to as ‘nourishing energy.’

Nikken Far-Infrared Technology features gemstones and specially made reflective fibers and ceramics that absorb energy from multiple sources – sunlight, room temperature, and body heat. They reflect the energy within the FIR range of spectrum to provide gentle, natural warmth yet release excess heat to provide comfort at all times. Featured in many products, FIR is a soothing energy source for overall well-being.


Negative Ions are abundant in forests, near waterfalls, and other natural settings. They provide a soothing feeling of calm relaxation that is not only inhaled through breathing yet absorbed through the skin. Scientists have found a direct relationship between negative ions in the air and people feeling more relaxed, refreshed, and uplifted.

Nikken Negative Ion Technology uses natural materials that produce negative ions to design day and night products for relaxation, soothing comfort, and renewed energy. The KenkoAir Purifier provides a continuous source of negative ions for forest-fresh breathing in your home.

Weekend warriors, amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes, people young and old all over the world love and use these products.
We hope you will, too!



Introducing Kenko Magnetic Insoles

When your feet hurt, your whole body knows it. But you can be relaxed and comfortable even if you are on your feet all day and into the night when Nikken Technologies are in your shoes.

Kenko mStrides

  • Provide comfort and balance
  • Enhance energy and performance
  • Ventilated for temperature control
  • Do not absorb moisture or odor
  • Small & large sizes / trim to fit
  • Durable and long-wearing

Kenko mSteps

Similar features and benefits as the mStrides - with an added element for those wanting a ‘walking on pebbles’ sensation all day long.

  • Raised surface points
  • Feels like a foot massage when walking, standing, or sitting

Magnetic Replacement Pack

Because Nikken insoles last for many years, sometimes the individual DynaFlux magnets fall out or break from daily wear. A 10-pack of magnets prolongs insole lifespan.


Introducing The Kenko MagFlex

Lower back issues affect more than 1 in 10 people. This advanced technology energy pad is designed to offer relief, is used as prevention, and provides strength for peak performance.

  • Helps relieve aches and soreness

  • Offers support and flexibility

  • Provides comfort and ease

  • Lightweight, contoured edges

  • Cool ventilation for all-day comfort

  • Tuck in the waistband of your clothing or use with the KenkoTherm Back Belt


Introducing The Kenko MagDuo

Designed with a pair of advanced technology rollers, this is a quick and easy way to have a time-out to tune-up with massage-like benefits. Compact and portable.

  • Eases tension

  • Helps relieve stress

  • Aids in reducing discomfort

  • Enhances mobility and performance

  • Nodules stimulate and relax muscles


Introducing The MagCreator

Designed to roll fluidly down the spinal column. The surface nodules provide gentle pressure on the shoulder blades and back for a soothing ‘roll-out’ effect. The internal magnets replicate the Earth’s magnetic field.

  • Reduces stress and tension

  • Promotes relaxation and rejuvenation

  • Energizes the spine and spinal nerves

  • Exchange ‘roll-outs’ with a friend

  • For a ‘self-roll-out,’ attach long shoe strings to the MagCreator and gently roll it up and down your spine


Introducing The Kenko PowerChip

This compact wellness product is an innovative, state-of-the-art magnet-matrix design and advanced technologies that provide natural energy to spot-specific areas.

  • Soothes achy muscles

  • Reduces discomforts

  • Renews vital energy

  • Fits in a pocket

  • Use with KenkoTherm Support Wraps and DUK Tape


Introducing The Kenko PowerMini

This miniature powerhouse of natural energy technologies gets applied to spot-specific areas. It has a non-irritating smooth finish, a medical-grade adhesive, and it is water-resistant for continuous wear.

  • Provides comfort

  • Soothes and energizes

  • Convenient carry case

  • 12 reusable mini-magnets

  • 24 replaceable adhesive discs


Introducing Kenko Jewelry

Jewelry with natural energy technologies - helps you look good and feel great / look great and feel good! Choose from sporty, casual, or simple, elegant styles. View the specific product for the natural technologies in each design.

  • Helps reduce discomforts

  • Relaxes and energizes

  • Balances and strengthens

  • Sporty, casual designs

  • Simple, elegant styles

  • Hypoallergenic materials

  • Magnets, ceramics, and Tourmaline

  • Styles and designs are subject to change


Introducing The KenkoGround Pad

Being barefoot on the ground connects us to Earth’s beneficial electrons. When absorbed through direct contact with bare skin, these electrons reduce electrical imbalances in the body.

Direct contact with the ground isn’t always possible with pavement, inclement weather, chemicals, and insects. Get connected and be grounded in your home - while you sit, read, relax, are on your computer, and even while you sleep.

  • Aids in lowering stress and improving sleep

  • Helps being overloaded with harmful EMFs

  • Promotes overall well-being

  • Direct contact with the skin is best

  • Requires a grounded outlet

  • Uses no electricity

  • Size: 18” x 36”


Introducing The KenkoSeat

The average person sits more than 6+ hours a day. Besides being uncomfortable, there are health challenges linked to sitting for long periods. Designed with natural energy technologies and eco-friendly materials for your comfort and well-being.

  • Offers support and comfort while seated

  • Materials and design provide a passive massage

  • Magnets and Tourmaline promote a feeling of overall well-being

  • Fabric design allows air circulation to disperse body-generated heat

  • Lightweight, flexible, and portable

  • Dimensions: 43cm x 101 cm x 3cm (16.7” x 39.7” x 1.15”)

Free Shipping


Introducing KenkoTherm Support Wraps

There is nothing better for strained, achy muscles, and joints than the warming, firm support of these bio-ceramic support wraps.

  • Soothes and comforts muscles and joints

  • Orthopedic design for support and flexibility

  • Tailored for knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, and lower back support

  • A snug fit with no gaps or binding

  • The Kenkotherm Back Belt is designed with a pocket in the back where the Kenko MagFlex (sold separately) fits perfectly


Introducing KenkoTherm DUK Tape

Dynamic Underlayer Kinetic Tape is the only kinetic tape with Nikken Technology. Stretchable materials and a thin profile allow for comfort when exercising or going about your day. No taping experience is necessary!

  • FIR fibers gently warm and penetrate

  • Negative ions refresh and invigorate

  • Stretchable elastic material for support

  • Comforts stressed muscles and joints

  • Promotes greater freedom of movement

  • Water-resistant, hypoallergenic material

  • 100% breathable cotton fiber for day and night comfort


Introducing Nikken Sport Socks

Optimizing proper fit, durability, and comfort with advanced technology. Ceramic-reflective fibers in the material absorb energy from ambient heat, body heat, or sunlight to reflect this energy back for gentle warmth.

  • Provide support and comfort

  • Breathable fabric releases excess heat

  • Nanosilver particles block the growth of bacteria provide natural deodorizing

  • Microscopic copper counteracts static electricity

  • Fully cushioned foot-bed and built-in arch support

  • Specially constructed heel fit minimizes sock slippage

  • Mesh construction for improved ventilation

  • Medium, large, extra-large

  • Crew Style


Introducing CM Complex Skin Cream

Relief from surface soreness is essential for comfort and good health. Cetyl Myristoleate, CM, is a non-chemical alternative to synthetic preparations for soothing discomforts in joints, muscles, and connective tissue.

  • A plant-based topical cream

  • Relieves soreness

  • Soothes discomforts

  • Cooling and comforting

  • Non-greasy with no staining

  • Greater mobility immediately

  • Aloe, menthol, and peppermint

  • A pleasant fragrance with no strong odor


Energy Pack

A selection of products to meet your everyday energy needs.

10% Discount & Free Shipping

If you’re interested in natural energy solutions to enjoy an active wellness lifestyle, contact me for a free, no obligations conversation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Video Testimonials


"My work requires me to be on my feet for a 12 hour shift on cement flooring. When I get home I can't wait to get my steel-toed boots off my tired feet. I consistently wear the Nikken insoles and my legs feel better, I don't seem to be as drained at the end of my shift and I don't feel as 'wiped out' when I get home."

"I have some serious back weakness and discomfort. I used the backflex and the kenkoseat on a three-hour car trip, which I had been dreading. To my surprise, I was able to exit the car on reaching our destination without experiencing the excruciating discomfort and stiffness I've come to expect! I've been using these products regularly with favorable results."

"I was having issues with my rotator cuff that was causing a lot of agony. The use of Nikken's magnets gave me instant relief."

"I sing noticeably better in choir when I wear my Nikken magnetic necklace. My voice is more confident and has better projection."

"I wear the kenkotherm knee and wrist wraps every night. I no longer wake up with discomfort in either my hand or knee. These products are wonderful."

“At seventy-four, my lower back and shoulders get stiff and sore. Placing the KenkoTouch in these areas improves my comfort and ROM. I am much more flexible and happy!”

“The Mag Duo is amazing!! The positive effects were immediate and very apparent. It produces waves of calming energy currents throughout my body. My husband said he feels the same. It is interesting how just a light brush can produce such an effect. An amazing purchase!”

“I’m sixteen, and I like using the mag duo before and after exercising. It feels good. It makes my muscles less stiff and I’m able to do more. I’m really satisfied with my investment.”

“I’m a hair stylist and my shoulders are sore on a daily basis. I like wearing a watch and decided to invest in one of Nikken’s. It’s quality made, more so than watches I’ve had in the past. And, my shoulder feels better, I have more flexibility.”

“The DUK tape always makes me feel better. It reduces swelling in my knee and makes me feel more comfortable. It’s like a super-charged band aid with extra energy.”

“I’ve had back problems with recurring muscle spasms, tightness, and pain since a car accident that happened in my teenage years. Using the Kenko Magflex, I had an overall improvement in my condition. I’m now in my seventies and am thrilled to be able to garden and lift my grandchildren with no problems."

“The Magnets, CM Cream, and KenkoTherm Support Wraps are important to me. I’ve had problems with my joints for many years. They hurt! When I put on magnets and the KenkoTherm support wraps, they relieve the discomfort and I am much more comfortable. I also use the CM Crème to lubricate my joints. It feels good, so soothing and invigorating.”

“I like the Sport Socks! They make my feet feel better. If I’m on my feet all day they don’t feel as sore or tired.”

“The Sport Socks make a difference with some foot challenges that I have. They help reduce the swelling, which is more comfortable for me.”

“I wear the Perfect Link II except when showering. As my day progresses and I feel a loss of clarity, balance, or ROM in my neck, it’s because I forgot to put it back on.”

“I have cold feet when I get in bed, and I wake up a few times in the night. With the KenkoGround at the bottom of the bed, my feet are warm, and I sleep more soundly.”

“A little ache here, some discomfort there: after dental work, doing yard work, on computer. Power Chips and Mini’s to the rescue. I’d never have believed something so small could do such good. But they do!”

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“We are all vibrating, energetic beings that are constantly regulating – fluctuating.”

Andrew Pacholyk

Warning: If you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker, or have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant, do not use or wear magnetic products. Women in the first trimester of pregnancy, or anyone who has a health problem should first consult a physician before using magnetic products. Do not place magnetic products in direct contact with magnetically sensitive items such as watches, audio/video tapes, credit cards, portable electronic equipment, etc.

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