Save 20% on Water and Air Filters

Now - September 15, 2022

Make Your FOOTPRINT Count

Nikken is committed to helping people decrease their carbon footprint, create healthy indoor environments, and live in harmony with nature.  This is a great time to take advantage of a 20% savings on your replacement filters! If you aren't the proud and grateful owner of either the Kenko Air Purifier or PiMag Water Technologies, take the time to investigate them, it's time well-spent.

PiMag Replacement Water Filters help eliminate single-use plastic water bottles while the Kenko Air Purifier helps you and your family stay healthy with clean indoor air that’s ozone-free. 

With these technologies you have the opportunity to take action, to care for and protect your future and that of those you love. You can go green, recycle, enjoy protecting the environment, and living in harmony with nature. To get the best out of your Nikken products, replace the filters regularly - ensure that your indoor air is always fresh and your drinking water clean.  It's recommended to clean the reusable air pre-filter and replace the two inner filters every six months or more, depending on the quality of air in your home and outdoor surroundings.  Replace the PiMag Sport Bottle filters after 250 refills and the PiMag Waterfall cartridges after 90 days or more.  Replace the mineral stones annually.  Times vary depending on the size of your family and the quality of your water to start.

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Save 20% on Three Popular Technologies:  PiMag Sport Bottle, Super CIAGA, Insoles

Now - September 30, 2022

The Summer Active Wellness Starter Pack contains three popular technologies.  Each Pack contains one each of the following:

  • The PiMag® Sport Bottle features PiMag® alkalizing water, patented nano-fiber filtration and magnetic de-clustering in a reusable portable bottle. This eco-bottle is in a class of its own and supports the Nikken commitment to reduce, recycle, and re-use to help decrease waste created with plastic bottles
  • Kenzen® Super CIAGA™ Powder is a superfruit antioxidant and immunity booster. It can transform water into a tasty juice, without the high calories, and nothing artificial is added. Made with super concentrated berries proven in research to be anti-carcinogenic, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial, you can also add it to seltzer water and have a delicious, carbonated beverage, or mix with fruit as a smoothie for a yummy shake!
  • Kenko mStrides® or Kenko mSteps® are insoles based on the very first product Nikken was founded on - magsteps - magnetic insoles. They now have patented DynaFlux® magnetic technology that act as magnetic generators, replicating the magnetic field of the earth, energizing and supporting your feet all day long.
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Have fun browsing and taking advantage of the great savings on Nikken’s Inspired-By-Nature Wellness Technologies. They are an exceptional resource for living healthy and living well - they make excellent gifts for any occasion, or, just because.



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